The workshop helped me see tension as something not to be feared. From tension being an ‘unknown’, I have learnt to be able to frame the issues, identify the dilemmas from the feelings/values I hold and ask deeper questions of myself. When tension arises, my natural instinct is to defend, to fight. I need to catch myself when I exhibit any signs of defensiveness in my actions and behaviors and thereafter it will only push to me into a vicious cycle.

Workshop participant, Ministry of Education-Singapore


“Dr. Rawlins may not have a medical doctorate but he has a doctorate that heals organizations and individuals.  We have had first hand experience with Matt one on one and as an organization.  Matt has led us through penetratingly insightful times where we have been set free from bad habits and ways of thought personally and as an organization.  Matt will help you lead your organization or company well and with excellence, inside out.”

Kay Hiramine, President, Catalyst Global, Ltd. Colorado Springs USA


With gratitude I am writing to commend the character and expertise of Dr. Matthew Rawlins while in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. (1995-2005) While serving as Chancellor of University of the Nations from 1992 through 2004, I had the privilege of knowing him as a friend and colleague and working closely with Dr. Rawlins. During his tenure with the University, he exercised departmental leadership within one of our Colleges, lectured in cross disciplines within the University and was regularly in demand as a guest lecturer in other educational institutions as well as in the international business community. Within the local campus, Dr. Rawlins as well functioned as part of the Academic and Executive Leadership structure. Through these roles, Dr. Rawlins’ expertise as a master teacher, counselor, facilitator and coach were most evident. He consistently exhibited a capacity to not simply present information but to engage his students, other leaders and/or clients in the discovery of knowledge and in a manner in which they could take personal ownership.

David G. Boyd, Chancellor, University of the Nations/Kona USA