“Change is the norm….”
“Communication is how you deal with it.”
“Asking the right questions is where you start.”

Dr. Matt Rawlins

One Conversation at a Time

Almost everywhere you look around the world, you will find a Green Bench. They are located in parks, picnic areas and just about any place where there is beauty and an engaging atmosphere. A Green Bench is a place to sit and relax or catch up with an old friend; it’s a place where you can connect with others unhindered by the distractions of the world around you. Read More…

Green Bench Consulting is an organization that is committed to people. Our focus is on the skills needed to excel in relationships and building strong systems. We have a special emphasis on leadership and the challenges of dealing with courageous conversations that are needed to build trust, maximize potential, and deal with the changes needed to propel an organization forward.

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What do these three areas have in common? Dealing with change Creativity Difficult Conversations At first glance they all have an aspect of conflict in them. In looking a bit deeper into them we can discover that they are all dealing with different assumptions people make and often don’t even know it. If we can learn to deal and work with those often hidden assumptions, then we can go a long way towards being successful in dealing with these areas. This is often hard work but is key to being a successful leader in the world we all live in. Read this brilliant leadership tale about Boomer and Scooter, who discover in the game, ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ that recognizing and learning to deal with @ssumptions can be a life changing experience.


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Green Bench Consulting: The name Green Bench Consulting (One Conversation at a Time) grew out of the popular book written by Dr. Matt Rawlins called The Green Bench – A dialogue about leadership and change. It is a story of an old school teacher who, through dialogue on a green bench, helps a young manager learn to lead in the midst of change. The material in The Green Bench and subsequent books helped open the door for working with organizations all over the world.


How We Work

Core assumptions we operate from:
• Ongoing change is a normal part of life.
• The capacity for success is linked to the capacity for relationship & dialogue.
• Ownership is vital to people being committed to a project.
• Communication is the primary means of dealing with change and developing the type of relationships that make an organization effective.
• Asking questions is a key leadership tool.

Services We Provide

The work is a blend of education, organization development, leadership and communication. We focus on transformational learning in the midst of relationships and projects that values the human side of leadership and the importance of dialogue taking place in order to deal effectively with a changing world.

There are three key areas we focus on:

  • Change management
  • Communication (Dialogue)
  • Asking questions (Creativity, Problem solving, Strategic planning, Appreciative Inquiry…)
Dr. Matthew Rawlins

Dr. Matthew Rawlins

Unabashed in his pointed questions and unrelenting in his pursuit of clear communication for those around him, Dr. Matthew Rawlins is a passionate educator and brilliant communicator in both speech and writing. He has been invited to lecture in over 18 nations, and by combining his experience in international education and his devotion to training, Dr. Rawlins has published 5 books. He gained his Ph.D. in Leadership development through the University of Wales, and currently is CEO of Green Bench Consulting. Dr. Rawlins’ theoretical and empirical approaches to leadership development, communications, and education are applicable to almost any organizational structure. His broad academic discipline has led to his active involvement in educational institutions and business organizations. He currently resides Singapore with his wife of 32 years, Celia.

Companies we have worked with: Unilever, Nokia, Keppel Land, Inclusive Education Conference, Integrative Learning Corp. Grace Orchard School, Efficient (Malaysia), Kresics Fitness Pte. Ltd., SDC Consulting, Sinamex, Silk Air, Deutsche Bank, Allen & Gledhill – Advocates & Solicitors, National Institute of Education, National Junior College, Boehringer Ingelheim

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